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By Katy McIntosh | Friday 21 October 2016

The only way to make breakthroughs possible is with research. The more we can find out about the condition, the more likely we are to be able to develop a treatment to help the millions of people affected by it.

Alzheimer’s Research UK powers world class studies into dementia research, focusing on prevention, diagnosis and treatments. We are the UK’s leading dementia research charity, currently helping over 1,000 dementia researchers to conduct the most promising studies. We receive no government funding, meaning that it all comes from generous fundraisers and donors like you.

When it comes to something as important as beating dementia, every little helps. Whether you’ve held a fundraising bake sale, been sponsored to run a marathon or generously made a donation to the charity, you can rest assured that your money is helping us to get closer to a world without dementia.


So what can your donation mean to research?

What can you do with £20 these days? It’s not enough to get you into a major zoo for the day, or for a last-minute train ticket from London to Newcastle. It’s certainly not enough for a new smartphone. There is one thing it can do though. £20 can fund one hour of pioneering dementia research.

If just 25 people each donated £20 to dementia research, that would be enough to pay for an all-important brain scan. These are imperative so that researchers can better understand the effects dementia has on the brain and the effectiveness of potential treatments.

If 50 people donated, that would pay for special chemicals which allow scientists to grow cells in a lab, ready to be used in research.

125 people would allow researchers to buy and study synthetic amyloid, a hallmark protein present in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s.

500 people donating could buy an advanced microscope, helping researchers to study brain samples and spot new ways to treat dementia.

750 people can fund a PhD student for a whole year as they help in the battle against dementia.

We know that dementia is caused by brain diseases, however we don’t yet know why these diseases occur. The human brain is the most complex part of our body – there are more connections in the brain than there are stars in the galaxy. With up to 100 billion nerve cells, understanding how the brain functions and what causes dementia is a huge challenge.


That’s why we need to invest as much as we can into research. Together we can beat dementia and save future generations from the heartbreak the condition can bring.

You can find a range of fundraising ideas here, from coffee mornings to zombie races!

Order your free fundraising pack here and get started straight away.

20 ways to raise £20


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