Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference 2015

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By Dr Emma O'Brien | Tuesday 10 March 2015

Welcome to the Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference 2015! We’ve gathered 450 dementia researchers together under one roof to share their findings, form collaborations and accelerate dementia research. The meeting is the largest dementia research conference in the UK and scientists from across our Research Network will be joined by international dementia experts; a global approach to this global medical challenge. This year we are delighted to welcome Prof John O’Keefe, Nobel Prize winner for Physiology or Medicine, to give a welcome address, alongside George Freeman MP, Minister for Life Sciences, who will discuss the government’s commitment to dementia research.

Over the next two days we’ll hear about the full spectrum of biomedical research; from microscopic changes in nerve cell communication to behavioural changes in people with dementia. Researchers will share new insights into diagnosis and reveal progress being made to tackle the disease that cause dementia. We’ll be blogging from the conference so please follow us on here to find out about all the new work shared.

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