Suffolk gamer raises over £72,000 for Alzheimer’s Research UK in 32 hours


By Quang Tran | Friday 27 January 2023

For the last two years, Paul, more popularly known in the gaming world as TheRunningManZ, has completed two sponsored 16-hour live gaming streams raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s leading dementia research charity.

Albert, Paul’s father

Inspired by his dad, Albert, who was living with dementia at the time, Paul’s first charity stream took place on 12th December 2021. The stream attracted over 120,000 views from across the world and raised a staggering $48,590 – just over £40,800 – in 16 hours.

Paul said: “I felt hugely privileged to be able to complete the first fundraiser after seeing how dementia had affected my dad.

“After I had completed the charity stream, we told him broadly about the fundraiser and he told me that he was very proud of me. It was one of the last things he ever said to me. I am extremely grateful for that moment especially.

“During the stream, it was eye-opening just how many people had a family member who was either going through the same thing or that had sadly passed away with dementia. It was a very emotional day for me, and it felt amazing to be part of such a large amount of people sharing their experiences of what is a terrible disease, all because of the relatively niche video game DayZ and my Twitch stream!”

After losing his dad to dementia in January 2022, Paul set up his second live 16-hour stream in December 2022, raising a further £31,400 for the charity.

“It was a really tough week leading up to my dad’s passing. It was something I thought was coming but it came much quicker than we expected. I knew I had to do another fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Research UK as soon as he passed.

“I was amazed at the response to this year’s stream. We had more viewers watching than the year before and even more shared personal stories of family members who had or are living with dementia.

“The cost-of-living crisis is real, and I was not expecting to raise anywhere near so much money this year. I set the original goal at £20,000 and to be honest I didn’t think we would hit that. To smash through an amended goal of £30,000 was amazing to me. I do think there is some real benefit to these streams in terms of the awareness it raises for dementia and the research that is needed. Bring on 2023!”

Molly Hindle, Regional Fundraising Officer for East Anglia at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said: “Everyone at Alzheimer’s Research UK was blown away by the support from Paul and his generous online community. It was incredibly moving to watch the live streams and to read people’s stories and messages of hope for finding a cure for dementia. We would sincerely like to thank Paul for his commitment to dementia research and everyone who contributed.”

“There are almost one million people living with dementia in the UK and unless we act, one in three children born this year will develop dementia in their lifetime. Fantastic fundraising efforts like this will help us to make life-changing research breakthroughs and find a cure for dementia, giving hope to families and future generations.”

If you’d like to support Paul’s fundraising, please visit:

To find out how you can fundraise for Alzheimer’s Research UK, please visit

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