Positive lifestyle changes to help reduce the risk of developing dementia


By | Wednesday 25 March 2020

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with Alzheimer’s Research UK, one of the world’s leading dementia research charities dedicated to diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure.

Our aim is to help reduce people’s risk of developing dementia by inspiring them to make positive lifestyle changes.

Every three minutes someone in the UK develops dementia, and as it stands, across the country almost one million people are living with the condition. For each of them, their families and their friends the impact is huge. While there are currently no effective treatments to slow, stop or cure the diseases that cause dementia, there are steps people can take to help lower their risk. But only 34% of the public think it’s possible to reduce their risk of developing dementia.

Now, together with Alzheimer’s Research UK, we are passionate about showing the public that this is in fact, untrue.

Research suggests that up to a third of dementia cases could be reduced by factors that are within our control to change. The latest evidence suggests that eating healthily, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping physically and mentally active can reduce people’s chances of developing dementia.

Cardiovascular exercise is a great, accessible and fun route to risk reduction, and we want to encourage people to stay active, no matter what their age or fitness level. Using a smart watch is a great way to track progress, stay motivated, and encourage anyone to get into good habits and achieve their individual goals, whether to simply stay active or for bigger fundraising challenges.

As part of our partnership, we’ll become the official sponsor of Alzheimer’s Research UK’s sporting events for the next three years, including the charity’s new virtual fundraising challenge, The Treble, which launches on 1st April and will encourage people to take on running, cycling and swimming challenges, while raising funds for groundbreaking dementia research.

For more information on the partnership visit the News section of the Alzheimer’s Research UK website and to sign up to The Treble challenge which is open for pre-registration now visit: https://www.thetreblechallenge.org/

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