Our petition at No. 10 – thanks to you!


By Emily Cook | Tuesday 11 June 2019

This year you helped us achieve an incredible feat – almost 35,000 signatures asking for more funding for dementia research.

Alzheimer’s Research UK celebrated Dementia Action Week at the Prime Minister’s Office at 10 Downing Street. We were joined by television presenter and mathematician, Rachel Riley, and two of our committed supporters to hand over your signature for our Just 1% petition.

Carlie Pirie (left), Rachel Riley (middle), and Shaheen Larrieux (second to right) present petition alongside ALzheimer’s Research UK employees Helen Davies (second to left) and Emily Cook (right)

What it’s like behind the gates of No. 10

This was my first visit to No. 10 – not something I ever thought I’d get to do – and it all felt very surreal.

There are always crowds of tourists outside Downing Street, but once you’re through the gates and the airport-style security, it’s eerily quiet. Inside, there are only a handful of people – some press photographers and police officers.

Five of us walked through the gates – Rachel, our supporters, Carli Pirie and Shaheen Larrieux, our Head of Public Affairs, Helen Davies, and myself.

With every one of your signatures included in our orange box, our group walked up to that iconic door. It has a proper old-fashioned door knocker and made a satisfyingly impressive sound when we knocked.

After handing over our petition, we paused to take photos and commemorate the incredible journey that led us to this point.

When we first started our petition, we hoped to reach 10,000 signatures to trigger a response from government. We were blown away when you agreed so passionately with what we’re calling for that we had 34,401 people behind us!

I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud.

So what comes next for our Just 1% campaign

Handing over your signatures on our petition is only the beginning.

Alzheimer’s Research UK is asking MPs for their support to include Just 1% for dementia research in the Challenge on Dementia and the Comprehensive Spending Review.

That’s where you can help

Please consider taking just a few minutes to send an email to your MP.

Our new tool makes it really easy and provides some wording. You can even go the extra step and tell your MP how dementia has impacted you and why research is so important.

We’ll keep working to make research breakthroughs possible and will share progress for Just 1% along the way.


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