New stats show dementia causes 1 in 8 deaths in England and Wales

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By Alex Smith | Tuesday 06 August 2019

Alzheimer’s Research UK is calling on the Prime Minister to back worldwide commitments to invest in more dementia research as new data out today shows deaths due to the condition continue to rise. According to the Office of National Statistics, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias remain the leading cause of death in England and Wales and accounted for 12.8% of all deaths in 2018.

These numbers further demonstrate the growing need for better treatments for the diseases that cause dementia, not only in England and Wales but across the UK and around the world.

Dr Alison Evans, Head of Policy at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said:

“The numbers of people living with dementia are expected to rise to a staggering 1 million in the UK by 2021 unless we can find a way to stop the devastating diseases, like Alzheimer’s, that cause dementia. The number of people with dementia is rising as people are now surviving other diseases and living longer. People deserve to see the same life-changing breakthroughs made in the treatment of dementia that have benefitted other major disease areas, like cancer.

“Right now, we have no way to slow, stop or treat the diseases that cause dementia, but with the right support, research can change this. Without more research and better treatments, we will continue to see dementia burden our health system, overwhelm our social care resources, and steal our loved ones from us.

“The UK government currently only invests 0.3% of the annual cost of dementia towards research and this is pitifully low. We’ve called on the government and our new Prime Minister to join countries around the world and commit to put the equivalent of just 1% of the cost of dementia towards research.”

Learn more about Alzheimer’s Research UK’s call for just 1% by going to


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