Memories of my dad: Megan’s story

Megan with her dad

By Megan | Wednesday 31 May 2023

Dear Dad,

I’ve always been your little bestie, following you around, watching the rugby with you… even when I didn’t know the rules to the game. I’d just cheer when you cheered or shouted names at the TV when you did.

I remember so much laughter when I think back to being a little girl. You were my cheerleader in everything I did, and I am so grateful for that.

One of my favourite memories is when Mum went out for the evening and she would tell you a list of things we had in the freezer for dinner, and as soon as she’d leave, you would grab the car keys and we’d be off to the chippie for tea. You’d put on a country song and be banging your cutlery, like they were drumsticks, on the plates and cups whilst singing along out of tune just to make me laugh. Our dog Oscar wasn’t impressed however much you devoted the songs to him.

I still pull on those moments when you are having a bad day to help you reconnect to who you are, when you are feeling lost and consumed in the confusion of life with dementia. I stick on an Alan Jackson or Kenny Rogers song and get you up and having a boogie or something more relaxed if you need to release the emotions you’re feeling. Music still is such a powerful thing for you.

Dad, all those small little wonderful moments, really are the big moments for me.

Love, Megan x


Instagram: Paddy’s memories


Megan’s dad Paddy was diagnosed with young-onset Alzheimer’s disease in 2014, at just 55 years old.

It is estimated that around 70,800 people with dementia are under the age of 65.

Dementia is caused by underlying diseases that affect how our brain cells work. There are many causes of young-onset dementia – a person under 65 with dementia – with Alzheimer’s disease being the most common.

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Dementia Research Infoline can answer questions about young-onset dementia, including those about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments. You can contact the team on 03001115111 or

Alternatively, you can download our free young onset dementia booklet.

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