Lord Cameron steps down as Alzheimer’s Research UK’s President


By Jack | Thursday 16 November 2023

Following his appointment as Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, Lord Cameron has stepped down as President of Alzheimer’s Research UK.

He will continue to support the charity as a Patron.

Lord Cameron took on the unpaid, voluntary role of President in January 2017, shortly after standing down as Prime Minister.  In his 7 years as President, he has helped to raise over £20 million for dementia research, as well as supporting the charity to build new strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Lord Cameron has also worked closely with Alzheimer’s Research UK to raise awareness of their work, undertaking speaking engagements around the world and meeting supporters and people affected by dementia.

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Chief Executive, Hilary Evans, thanked the new Foreign Secretary for his service as President. “We are incredibly grateful to Lord Cameron for the time, dedication and energy that he has given in his role as our President,” she said. “With his support, Alzheimer’s Research UK remains at the forefront of global efforts to deliver new treatments and work towards a cure”.


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