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By Ed Pinches | Friday 13 October 2017

Percentage of the week

Percentage of the population of Christchurch who have dementia.

Dementia ‘hotspots’ across the UK were highlighted in two interactive maps we launched this week revealing the scale of the condition across the country. Coastal areas in the south are some of the worst affected. Take a look at the picture in your area.
The story was widely reported with coverage by ITV news, the Express and others. Read the full story.

Dr Matt Norton, our Director of Policy, called dementia one of society’s most ‘burning injustices’, as new figures revealed this week find the condition is now the biggest cause of death in Great Britain. The Office for National Statistics published the latest figures for the causes of death in 2016 in England and Wales. Read the full story on our news pages.

Women and dementia has been featured a lot in the headlines this week

Menopause was linked to changes in brain energy use. A reduction in energy use by the brain in women during menopause was found to be similar to that seen in people with Alzheimer’s disease in a previous small study. Get the full picture from our news story.

High blood pressure in women has been linked to an increased dementia risk. Research from the US suggests that sex differences in the timing of dementia risk factors may have important implications for brain health. The study didn’t find any link between blood pressure and dementia risk in men.

Find out more about blood pressure and dementia in this week’s blog post, and our news story.

And finally

Bearsden resident Ken Wright climbed Mount Fuji in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK after seeing his mother’s devastating battle with the condition. Not only was the fundraiser physically challenging, but Ken and his fellow climbers were also faced with altitude sickness and varying weather conditions. Afterwards Ken – who works for our corporate partner AXA Insurance – said investing in dementia research is ‘worth every single penny’. Read more about Ken’s amazing adventure.


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