By Lucy Squance | Tuesday 14 June 2016

Do you passionately believe in the power of research to change lives for good?

Us too!

You can fight dementia with a onesie, a bake sale or even a glittery beard.

We’ve got ten fabulous fundraising ideas for you to power the fightback against dementia.

#IFightDementia with 70’s style


Get out the face paint and dust off your flares – a 70’s day is a really fun way of raising money.

At your 70’s themed day, everyone makes a donation and in exchange, they get to ditch their suit at work! This would work for other themes too, such as book characters or superheroes. Let your imagination run wild!

#IFightDementia with my glitter beard


Hipsters: Dare you ‘beardjazzle’?

Have you got a beard to be proud of? Whether you want to add a bit of sparkle to your stubble, glitz up your goatee or go for a full ‘beardjazzle’ this glamorous fundraising event can’t fail to get noticed. Why not get sponsored or let people pay to decorate your beard?

#IFightDementia with karaoke


Are you the next Beyoncé or Boy George? Get your vocal chords into action for charity.

Why not put your vocal skills to the test and host a karaoke night? You could charge an admission fee on the door or ask people to pay per song. Throw in a raffle to boost your fundraising efforts.

#IFightDementia with a bake off


Know your buttercream from your butterscotch? Fancy a bake off at the office?

Each person pays to enter their delicious cake, then you just need an impartial (sweet-toothed) adjudicator to choose the winner! You can sell the cakes off afterwards too. Scrumptious!

#IFightDementia with my pet


Fancy bringing your furry friend into the office?

If your pet loves meeting new people and smelling new places, a ‘Bring your pet to work day’ could be an ideal fundraising opportunity. You could either pay for the privilege, or your colleagues could sponsor you – after all, they get to enjoy your pet’s company too. Bonus points for bizarre pets.

#IFightDementia by walking


Go at your own pace and raise funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Fancy taking on an active fundraising challenge but prefer to take a more leisurely pace? Why not take on a walking challenge for us? Get sponsored to walk in some of your favourite breath taking landscapes like the Lake District or the Coast to Coast. Make the route your own!

#IFightDementia with swimming


Go on. Take the plunge!

Why not take your love for swimming a stroke further and challenge yourself to a new distance or location? Clock up your lengths indoors in a pool or brave the British waters in an outdoor swim; whatever your preference your friends and family will want to back your cause with sponsorship.

#IFightDementia with a helping hand


A great way for kids to learn about business and support a good cause at the same time.

This is a great way to learn about business and support a good cause at the same time. The enterprising group can make money however they like – they could make and sell their own crafty creations or they could offer a service such as a car wash. The only rule is that they must end up with more money than they started with!

#IFightDementia with a zombie race


They’re out to get you, in a thrilling, chilling (but fun) fundraising race.

Dart through a terrifying 5km obstacle course infested with the walking dead to raise vital funds for dementia research. The aim of the game is to reach the other end of the course as a survivor. Only those nimble and quick-thinking enough can dodge the petrifying zombies.

#IFightDementia by bog snorkelling


Throw yourself in for charity.

What could be more deserving of a donation than throwing yourself into a muddy bog for charity? Join other snorkelers and race your way to the end of the murky bog.

Let us know on social media how you are making breakthroughs possible with your fundraising on the hashtag #IFightDementia.

We’ve got loads more ideas on our site to get your fundraising started. Get sharing these photos with your family and friends and let us know on social how you are making breakthroughs possible with your fundraising on the hashtag #IFightDementia.

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