Give and get: the smart investment that benefits you and Alzheimer’s Research UK


By Stephanie Barkway | Wednesday 22 August 2018

Alzheimer’s Research UK is delighted to be partnered with the online investment platform Greenfinch. Read how you can help support our pioneering dementia research using this new innovative and ethical fundraising method.

Disposable income or accrued wealth can sit in a shoebox under your bed – or you can put it to good work through investments and donations. As a supporter of Alzheimer’s Research UK, your contributions to this important charity help in the search for a cure for dementia. What you may not have known is your savings and investments can additionally benefit Alzheimer’s Research UK without it costing you a penny.

Become an ethical investor

Philanthropy is typically motivated by a desire to share good fortune and contribute towards making a meaningful difference to society.

Research shows that 62% of UK investors (people like you or me with money in ISAs, pensions, wealth management schemes etc.) want to support companies that make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

This is where we developed the idea of using wealth management as a modern way of raising money for charity. We launched the ‘You Give We Give’ (YGWG) donation scheme, which enables you to donate a percentage of your annual investment profits to your charity of choice.

You do this via a non-advised investment platform called Greenfinch. By non-advised we mean we don’t provide advice, you simply go to the website, check out the products, and look at what they’ve returned over the last five years.

Alzheimer’s Research UK has partnered with Greenfinch to enable its members to invest in a range of ethical and mainstream wealth management products and donate to the charity in the process.

TAM Asset Management, an FCA regulated investment management company based in London and the company behind Greenfinch, manages your portfolio. As an investor you can donate a percentage of your annual profit choice – which is matched with a percentage from TAM’s annual fee for managing the portfolio and products.

Alzheimer’s Research UK, Greenfinch – and you

There are lots of ways charities fundraise and this is an innovative new way to support a cause close to your heart. This new method of raising much-needed funds enables you to increase your donation without sacrificing any of your available resources.

Here’s a fictitious example of how Greenfinch can work for Alzheimer’s Research UK:

On 1 January 2018, Mrs Johnson’s portfolio was valued at £200,000. By 31 December, the portfolio value increased to £210,000, an increase of five percent. Happy New Year indeed!

But it’s not just good news for Mrs Johnson. Being an existing Alzheimer’s Research UK supporter, she chose to donate ten percent of her net gain to the charity. That means that £1,000 goes to Alzheimer’s Research UK – along with ten percent of our annual fee.

Mrs Johnson can change her charity of choice, increase or decrease her donation at any time: giving her maximum control over her giving, while making it easy for her to remain hands-off if she so chooses.

We provide Mrs Johnson with a letter each year to outline clearly: the calculation, the payment and confirmation of her donation. If she has opted to provide her details, Alzheimer’s Research UK will receive: confirmation of her name, address and appropriate information to allow the charity to claim Gift Aid.

Socially responsible investment

As a socially responsible investor, this approach can offer you the investment solutions that match your ethical considerations – as well as your long-term capital growth objectives.

It’s a sustainable source of income from a socially responsible source of investment. What’s more, it supports Alzheimer’s Research UK in its work to bring an end to the fear, harm and heartbreak caused by dementia.

If you’d like to hear more about how Greenfinch can benefit you and Alzheimer’s Research  UK, please give us a shout or check out our FAQs page.

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