Giles Dennison of Simmons & Simmons welcomed as Alzheimer’s Research UK Trustee


By Philip Tubby | Tuesday 06 June 2017

Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s leading dementia research charity, has welcomed Simmons & Simmons Partner Giles Dennison as one of its newest Trustees.

As part of the voluntary role Mr Dennison will help guide the charity’s strategy, as well as sharing his crucial expertise in areas such as governance and compliance, drawing on more than 20 years’ corporate experience.

Giles Dennison

Mr Dennison’s appointment follows more than two years of support for Alzheimer’s Research UK from Simmons & Simmons. Since December 2014 the international law firm has offered pro bono advice, worth a total of £46,000 to the charity, on a range of matters including brand licensing, contracts and international trademarking. The firm has also advised on major projects including Alzheimer’s Research UK’s involvement in the UK Dementia Research Institute as a founding charity partner, as well as intellectual property for the development of the innovative mobile game Sea Hero Quest.

Simmons & Simmons recently selected Alzheimer’s Research UK as a strategic partner, offering vital fundraising support and showcasing the charity’s work at events such as its annual Technology, Media and Telecommunications Sector Update.

Mr Dennison said:

“I first became aware of Alzheimer’s Research UK’s work through the firm’s support for the charity, and it means a huge amount to me to be involved with this cause. I’m delighted to take up this position, and hope to be able to bring many of the skills developed in my role with Simmons & Simmons to bear in my role as Trustee.

“I’m very conscious of the need for dementia research, and of the fact that historically it’s had far too little focus. We are beginning to see more awareness and a higher profile for dementia, and we must capitalise on that – there is a huge opportunity to really accelerate the fight against the condition. Alzheimer’s and other dementias are terrible diseases, but we can fight them through research if we have the right focus and the backing of the public.”

Tim Parry, Director at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said:

“We are thrilled to welcome Mr Dennison to Alzheimer’s Research UK. His experience and dedication to the cause will be instrumental in helping to steer our work and ultimately transforming the lives of people with dementia. With 850,000 currently living with dementia in the UK, it’s vital that we expand our ambition to match the scale of the challenge, and this appointment will be a real boost in helping us to achieve that goal.”

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