Devastating, uplifting, funny, sad – the spectrum of care as told by Shobna Gulati


By Tim Parry | Monday 21 September 2020

We were delighted to welcome actress and broadcaster Shobna Gulati to a special event on 16 September to mark the launch of her memoir Remember me?. In conversation with The Guardian’s chief theatre critic Arifa Akbar, Shobna talked through the inspiration for her book – her mother Asha, who died with vascular dementia last autumn, and for whom Shobna was primary carer.

Much like the book itself, Shobna came across as honest, thoughtful and reflective about the experience of caring for her mother as her dementia progressed. She expanded on the practical and behavioural difficulties, but also the beautiful moments she shared with Asha as her inhibitions and emotional responses towards her daughter changed. We also learned about how Asha’s memories and sense of chronology were turned upside down, leading to revelations about her past and upbringing and, for Shobna, an entirely new way to relate to her mother.

It was an enlightening and beautiful event, and we’re grateful to Shobna for choosing to support Alzheimer’s Research UK as she launches this powerful memoir.

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