Dementia researchers to share findings with public in Southampton

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By Philip Tubby | Wednesday 03 January 2018

Scientists in Southampton are inviting the public to a free event on Monday 15 January, to hear more about current progress in dementia research.

The meeting will involve talks from scientists at the forefront of research into the condition. The event is organised by members of the Alzheimer’s Research UK South Coast Network Centre, a community of dementia researchers from universities across the South Coast.

Alzheimer’s Research UK is the UK’s leading dementia research charity, funding research into the causes of dementia, diagnosis, preventions and treatments. They fund more than £27m of dementia research across the UK, including pioneering work at the universities of Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth and Brighton. This funding is allowing scientists in the region to uncover more about the diseases that cause dementia and contribute to the global effort to put a stop to the heartbreak the condition brings.

Speakers on the day include Prof Clive Holmes, a consultant old age psychiatrist based at Southampton General Hospital, who will talk about his research into tackling inflammation in the brain. Also speaking is Prof Hugh Perry, who will talk about exciting new initiatives that are accelerating research towards new treatments for dementia. Attendees will also have the chance to participate in Scientific Cafés, where small groups can talk to experts about dementia, their research and get answers to their questions. There will also be information stalls with free information about dementia for those who want to find out more about the condition.

Dr Diego Gomez Nicola is the Coordinator of the Alzheimer’s Research UK South Coast Research Network. He said:

“Dementia is our greatest medical challenge and there is a desperate need for effective new treatments. The brain is the final frontier of biological research, and this event is a fantastic opportunity for people to hear about the cutting-edge science taking place to tackle the diseases that cause dementia. Researchers at universities across the South Coast are working to create a better future for those affected by dementia, and we hope many people come along to hear about advances scientists here are making.”

Dr Katy Stubbs from Alzheimer’s Research UK will also be speaking at the meeting, she said:

“There are around 850,000 people in the UK living with dementia, with nearly 20,000 in Hampshire alone. Dementia touches the lives of millions of people, including many family members and friends working tirelessly behind the scenes to support a loved one with the condition.

“We know people have many questions about dementia and this event provides a great way to find answers, and a chance for people with personal experience of the condition to meet others who may be in a similar situation. Research is providing hope for the future, but it’s not just about scientists in labs. People with dementia and their carers also play a critical role in shaping research and this open evening is a fantastic opportunity for discussing experiences and exchanging views. This meeting is open to anyone who would like to know more about dementia and the work of Alzheimer’s Research UK.”

The free event is being held from 4pm – 7:30pm on Monday 15 January at The Spark, Solent University Conference Centre, East Park Terrace, Southampton, SO14 0LY. Refreshments will be provided and parking is available. Please book your free place at or by contacting Katy Stubbs on 01223 824562.


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