We're asking all parliamentarians to pledge their support for funding dementia research

Life-changing breakthroughs are within our grasp. They will transform the lives of people with dementia and their families.

We need your support to find a cure.

"We will make finding a cure one of our Government’s biggest collective priorities… This will include doubling research funding into dementia and speeding up trials for new treatments."

Conservative Party manifesto pledge 2019

Please sign the parliamentarian pledge

Who has pledged their support so far?

    Siobhain McDonagh

    Mitcham and Morden

    Rachael Maskell MP

    York Central

    Craig Whittaker MP

    Calder Valley

    Andy Slaughter


    Carla Lockhart

    Upper Bann

    Mary Kelly Foy

    City of Durham

    Dr Rupa Huq MP

    Ealing Central and Acton

    Andy Carter MP

    Warrington South

    ""Dementia is a cruel and non-discriminatory disease and I am firmly committed to supporting people in Warrington South who are living with dementia, and those who are for them and I remain supportive of our commitment to double spending on research."

    Daisy Cooper MP

    St Albans

    Andrew Rosindell


    "I have heard countless heartbreaking stories of the impact of dementia on my constituents and their loved ones in Romford. I was proud of the manifesto commitment to double spending on research, research which is more important now than ever."

    Tim Farron

    Westmorland and Lonsdale

    Kate Osborne


    "Without Government intervention, I am concerned that charities like Alzheimer’s Research UK will be unable to cope. Ministers must listen to the sector and look again at what additional measures and financial support can be made available."

    Jeff Smith

    Manchester, Withington

    Margaret Ferrier MP

    Rutherglen and Hamilton West

    Gareth Thomas

    Harrow West

    Debbie Abrahams

    Oldham East and Saddleworth

    "I pledge my support for dementia research and will continue to hold the Government to account on their promise to double dementia research funding."

    Caroline Lucas

    Brighton, Pavilion

    "Dementia is so cruel. I will keep doing all I can in Parliament to support the vital effort to find life changing treatments for Alzheimer’s. The Government must urgently deliver on their commitment to double funding for dementia research."

    Holly Lynch


    "Research towards new treatments for dementia should be a priority. Let's make a future without dementia a reality."

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