Each month our official coach Martin Yelling will be offering you his wise words of support and encouragement.

August 2021

This month Martin discusses your longest runs and getting the taper right. We’re heading for the home straight!

July 2021

Your July update from #TeamARUK running coach Martin Yelling.
What should you be thinking about with two months to go?
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June 2021

Talking Nutrition, fuelling your body to run in a way that works for you.

May 2021

Walking your 'marathon tightrope.' Get the balance right, strive for your best, listen to your body and reduce your risk of injury.
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April 2021

The golden rules to follow before you set out.

Effective warm-up and steady progression.

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March 2021

Finding a training plan that works for you and what you want to get out of the marathon is really important part of the process. It might be that your chosen plan doesn’t start for a few months, but it helps to get some key dates in the diary so you can focus on getting yourself prepared for when your ‘official’ training begins!

February 2021

This month Martin focusses on how to establish a successful training plan for the next eight months, leading up to race day!

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