What we do together

Learn about the things that have helped young people who know someone with dementia.

Looking through old photos makes my nana happy as she would always remember bits and point people out and also listening to music because she loved to dance.



I just sit with Dad while he plays on his iPad.


We try to have fun and take Granny for days out. We try to make her laugh.


If you can’t go on trips, do gardening or make them tea. Cook their favourite foods and remind them that it’s their favourite. If you play an instrument, play to them.


Music and singing, going for walks, playing board games.


Eat as a family.


Get old pictures and make a scrapbook.

Read to them and remind them of past experiences. Remind them what they like doing, play them their favourite music. Play them a song from their childhood.


Make a memory box, full of things you can talk about together.

People with dementia can still have fun and play games, especially when other activities get difficult.

Holding her hand and giving her a kiss, this makes her smile. Help her to eat – she has a really sweet tooth.