What can I do?

The best way you can help someone with dementia is to give him or her some of your time.

This might feel difficult at times. Visit Coping when somebody in your family has dementia to read some of the things that may help.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to say or do. Just being there can help.

Each person with dementia is different, so talk about your ideas with the people who care for your relative or friend. Ask what helps to make them feel happy, safe and calm. There are more tips here.


Watching her fade away in front of my eyes made my heart break every time I saw her.


I feel horrid. Heartbroken. She can't treasure moments with me the way I can with her.


I feel sad because she doesn't remember my dad and me anymore.


Seeing the hoist and equipment needed by the carers to move her makes me sad. Sometimes I think Nanny has forgotten me and thinks that I'm my Mum (now crying thinking of this).


It makes me feel sad, because they are forgetting the people they love.


It's sad when I see my granddad because I remember how he used to be and my grannie has to work so hard to make sure that he is comfortable all the time.


I feel upset and I feel like I'm missing out on my nan.


I don’t remember how my nana was when she was first diagnosed but at the end she was just laid in a bed in a care home, not being able to do anything for herself. She couldn’t eat, her airways were closing and she was just so sleepy. It broke my heart.


This information was updated in November 2019 and is due for review in November 2021. Please contact us if you would like a version with references.