Can a person with dementia get better?

Sadly, there are no treatments that can stop the illnesses that cause dementia, or fix the problems they cause in the brain. Once a person has dementia, they will have it for the rest of their life.

A person with dementia needs support from other people. Most people with dementia live at home, and get support and care from family or friends. As time goes on, they may need more help from doctors, nurses and carers.

Doctors, nurses and carers cannot cure the illnesses that cause dementia, but they can help to make life easier for someone with dementia.

They may suggest activities that help with memory, thinking skills or speaking. They may offer medicines to help with some of the symptoms of dementia. They will try to help the person with dementia stay healthy, and treat any other illnesses that they get. They can help to support the person’s family, too.

If you are a young person who helps to care for a relative with dementia, visit the links page to find out where you can get information and support.

Doctors and scientists are working hard to find out more about dementia. By understanding the illnesses that cause it, they hope to find ways to prevent, treat and even cure dementia in the future.



This information was updated in November 2019 and is due for review in November 2021. Please contact us if you would like a version with references.