Creative cells

Did you know that brain cells are so tiny they don’t have any colour? They look like glass, so neuroscientists have to add colours to reveal what they look like and the structures inside of them. You can do the same by adding any colours you choose to make your own unique brain cells.

Brain cell drawing sheet

Learn about different types of brain cell

You might have heard of brain cells which are called neurons, but there are other cells in the brain too. Neurons are special cells that communicate with each other through chemicals and electricity and are responsible for your thoughts and feelings. The little bumps on the neuron are points where this cell connect to others – called a synapse. Each neuron can connect with thousands of others, and together we have around 100 billion brain cells. It is mind-boggling.

These drawings will help reveal the beauty of real cells; add colour for learning and relaxation.

Play this introduction to brain cells with Dr Lizzie Burns who will guide you through brain cells and encourage you to get creative. The film includes an additional creative activity - download photographs of real brain cells from neuroscientists and get inspired to create your own collage of cells.

Meet a neuroscientist – play this 16 minute video while colouring, and hear Lizzie ask neuroscientist Dr Mark Dallas questions about cells and changes in dementia, hope for new treatments and what it’s like being a scientist.

37 second time-lapse film to show colouring different types of brain cells to inspire you.


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