Brain City

In a healthy city there is good transport with different areas doing different things. There are new buildings being constructed, rubbish is taken away and parks are kept clean and green. With dementia, it’s a bit like a city where pollution builds up, rubbish may get in the way or the wrong things are taken away and transport isn’t working well.

This idea for a ‘brain city’ imagining the inner workings of the brain comes from designer Heather Savage collaborating with neuroscientist Dr Emma Mead.

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Download a ‘Brain City’ sheet designed by Heather imagining a healthy and unhealthy city with a scientist who comes to help. The brain can be cut out, coloured in strips and folded along the lines to make an optical illusion.

Play this 4:30 minute introduction to brain city with Dr Lizzie Burns who will explain about changes to the brain in dementia and encourage you to get creative. The film includes an additional creative activity - imagine what your brain would look like, can you make your own brain city?

22-second time-lapse film to show colouring and folding ‘Brain city’ to inspire.

Together with Brain; these resources link to KS2: Living things – changes as humans develop to old age.

If you want to find out what the brain is actually made of, take a look at: Cells


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