Science-based artist, Dr Lizzie Burns, was awarded an Inspire Fund grant to engage people with the brain in creative ways. She collaborated with scientists and designer Heather Savage to bring to life the work that is improving our understanding of dementia, its treatments and prevention. This is the Beautiful Brains project which has created artwork, resources, workshops and events in schools.

The project started in 2019, and the original plan was to create activities and hold classroom sessions in schools. The project adapted to meet the needs of remote learning, and we’re delighted to share this collection of resources for all ages, with links to KS2-4. Each page comes with films from Lizzie to introduce each sheet so this can be played and enjoyed at home or in the classroom. Sheets can be downloaded to print and can be coloured while listening to Lizzie asking scientists questions about the brain. Colour, draw and learn while hearing about the remarkable organ that makes us who we are. Find out how scientists are learning more about brain changes in dementia and how this brings hope for the future for our loved ones.

With thanks to:

Dr Mark Dallas, University of Reading & ARUK Oxford Network Centre; Professor Chas Bountra, Dr John Davis & Dr Elena Di Daniel – ARUK Oxford Drug Discovery Institute/NDM, Dr Hazel Hall-Roberts – Dunn School of Pathology, Dr Emma Mead & Dr Eleanor Williams- Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford; Designer Heather Savage


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