Beautiful Brains

While you may not think of your brain as beautiful, what it does is incredible, and it allows you to do all the things that you enjoy.

This special set of resources is brought to you by Dr Lizzie Burns as part of her Inspire Fund project. Beautiful brains is a chance to explore and learn about the brain in creative ways. You’ll find out about your brain, as well as how it’s affected by dementia and how research into these changes brings hope for new treatments.

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Resources suitable for all ages, with topics linked to the National Curriculum.


Your brain is astonishing. It’s the organ that makes you, you.

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Creative brains

Your brain is amazing. Learn more about your own brain while getting creative.

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Brain City

Your brain is a bit like a city. Each part is needed and works together to make you, you!

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Creative cells

Find out what your brain is made of while being creative.

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Our body is made up of millions of cells, and these cells are all made of proteins.

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