Visualising dementia research

Discover different areas of dementia research and the researchers working to make breakthroughs.

Explore different dementia research projects and meet the researchers carrying out this work with these colouring pages.

Science-artist Hana Ayoob met a range of dementia researchers, finding out about their work, hopes and their motivations. These conversations inspired the creation of these colouring pages, each depicting a different area of research from a different researcher.

You can download the whole booklet, or just individual pages. Print them out and colour them in!

These pages were created by Hana Ayoob who we supported through the Inspire Fund.

The pages are all (c) Hana Ayoob, 2021. They are all available under a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 UK License. You can download, copy, print and share the resource as long as you give Hana credit, do not modify them in any way and do not use them commercially.