We have created resources for different age groups.

Young kids (up to around age 6)

Discover your amazing brain

Find out about your brain with our fun activities

Beautiful brain cells

Craft activities introducing brain cells.

Grandad’s Hat colouring page

Have a go at colouring in Grandad’s Hat.

Junior (primary school)

Learn about brain structure

Find out about what different part of the brain do with worksheets and craft activities.

Meet your brain cells

Learn about the different cells in your brain with our worksheets and activities.

Brush up on your brain facts

Make an origami fact finder to show off your brain knowledge.

Creative brains

Your brain is amazing. Learn more about your own brain while getting creative.

Brain City

Your brain is a bit like a city. Each part is needed and works together to make you, you!

Teens (secondary school)

Understanding dementia

Learn about dementia and show what you know with this worksheet and crossword.

How does dementia affect people?

Grow your understanding of how dementia affects people with our videos and worksheet.

Make your own awareness campaign

Help separate fact from fiction and make a campaign about brain health.

Creative cells

Find out what your brain is made of while being creative.


Our body is made up of millions of cells, and these cells are all made of proteins.

Visualising dementia research

Discover different areas of dementia research and the researchers working to make breakthroughs.

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