We would love for you and the company that you work for to choose Alzheimer’s Research UK as your next charity partner.

Here is some useful information for you and your colleagues.  

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Please choose to support Alzheimer’s Research UK and help find a cure for dementia.

Almost one million people in the UK are living with dementia today. Tragically, not one of them will survive. 

Alzheimer’s Research UK exists to change that.  As the UK’s leading dementia research charity, they are working to revolutionise the way we treat, diagnose, and prevent dementia.  

With the support of (…..), they will make sure every person is free from the heartbreak of dementia. 

Why support Alzheimer's Research UK?

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A national charity with a local presence
With local fundraisers across the UK, we’re on hand to support your office with fundraising, deliver lunch and learn sessions, and more.

Have a big impact
Dementia research is at a tipping point, so there has never been a more exciting time to stand with Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Your best ever partnership
With dedicated support from an award-winning team, means there’s something for everyone. Your bespoke fundraising calendar will be full of exciting team-building opportunities, drawing on our portfolio of fundraising events.

Volunteering opportunities
From cheer squads to collection crews and community speakers, we have you covered.

Support with Health and Well-being objectives
Access to our CPD-accredited brain health e-learning and face-to-face Dementia Aware training.

Dementia in numbers

Dementia is the number one cause of death in the UK.

Almost one million people in the UK living with dementia today.

One in two of us will have our lives devastated by the condition – either by developing dementia ourselves, caring for someone with it, or both.

£25 billion annual cost to UK economy.

140 treatments for Alzheimer’s in trials across the globe. We’re at a tipping point.

Every £1 invested in dementia research is expected to generate an average of £2.48 of economic benefits.

See how every pound raised brings us closer to a cure

Top tip!

Share why Alzheimer's Research UK is important to you. Sharing your personal experience of dementia can have a huge impact, as this will resonate with your colleagues and will also encourage them to share their own experiences. 

Contact our Corporate Partnerships Team for more information

ARUK Edinburgh Fundraising Group

The Alzheimer’s Research UK team always go above and beyond and this has elevated our partnership from great to outstanding.

We’ve seen record levels of engagement toward charitable fundraising, accompanied by impactful awareness campaigns that all our colleagues have understood and embraced.

Gemma Griffiths, Internal Comms & Engagement Manager at Iceland