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Did you know half of your employees and customers will know someone affected by dementia?

At Alzheimer's Research UK, we want to raise awareness about dementia to support those affected by the condition. To help workplaces do the same, we’ve worked closely with the Royal Society of Public Health to develop a CPD accredited Dementia Aware training course.

The aim of Dementia Aware is to improve understanding of dementia in your organisation, while empowering your employees with the knowledge they need to communicate confidently with people affected by the condition.

Dementia Aware is an interactive course where we discuss topics in groups, watch powerful videos, explore real case studies as well as use our unique 360 video experience which provides an immersive insight into what it might be like to have dementia.

Exclusively available to our partners, the 3-hour course is conducted in-person or virtually by a training expert. Participating employees will gain 3 CPD points by completing the training and become Dementia Aware! The training costs £1,995 for our Corporate Partners for up to 20 people per session.

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