Many of us worry about the cost of care for ourselves or loved ones. Being aware of the options available can help.

There are many ways of funding care costs for yourself or a loved one, whether that’s self-funding, local authority funding, NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, or a different route. What’s best for you will depend on your financial situation as well as your own care needs.

If you’re looking into ways to reduce the amount that you pay for care, or to protect part of your estate for your loved ones, always speak to a solicitor for advice.

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Watch: Solicitor Lynn Wicks outlines the options if you or your family are struggling with paying for care costs.

Useful contacts

Citizens Advice Bureau

Solicitors for the Elderly
0844 5676 173
[email protected]

The Law Society
020 7320 5650

Law Society of Scotland
0131 226 7411
[email protected]

A guide to making your will

A guide to making or amending your Will

This guide explains what’s involved in making or updating a Will, as well as highlighting things to consider if you or a loved one have dementia. And if you believe, like we do, that research can bring about life-changing breakthroughs – you can find everything you need to know about supporting Alzheimer’s Research UK with a gift in your Will.

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