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Gaming is a great way to connect and create precious memories, and the brain is the driving force for it all. It is an easy and fun way to fundraise to help make vital breakthroughs in dementia research.

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We believe gaming for good can make breakthroughs in dementia research possible.

I love gaming – it allows me to be in a completely different world

I am not Isabel the dementia researcher anymore; I do not have experiments, meetings, or a career, to worry about.

When gaming with my friends, I am their teammate, the healer or a space ninja…

But as a scientist, I am acutely aware that dementia is one of the biggest challenges humanity is facing. We still understand very little about it and the funding to support dementia research is still very limited. But through gaming I can talk about dementia to my friends and inspire others to help find a cure.

Isabel Castanho playing games