1 – 31 May

Take to the pool and swim 5k for dementia research.

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Sign up via Facebook: join our Facebook group today to sign up to the challenge, set up your fundraising page, and get cheered on by our lovely, supportive community.


Simply follow these steps to join the Swim 5k in May challenge:

Step 1: Join the Facebook group. Then introduce yourself! Get to know the thousands of people taking on the challenge across the country.

Step 2: Follow the instructions in the pinned post to request your free swimming cap (which comes with a printed splash marker sheet to help you keep track of your progress!)

Step 3: Follow the instructions in the pinned post to set up your fundraising page. Then share it with your friends and family on your Facebook page to shout about your challenge and aim to raise £100!

With every km you log, you’ll help fund major breakthroughs in research and give hope to those affected by dementia.