1 – 30 September

A dance a day for dementia research!

Join the Facebook group to sign up to Dance Every Day in September

Meet the amazing community who have signed up to Dance Every Day in September for dementia research.

Plus, you’ll get a FREE #TeamARUK sweatband and dance tracker when you join!

Whether you’re a seasoned dancer, or you just love a boogie in your kitchen, take on a new fundraising challenge with Dance Every Day in September!

The challenge is simple: dance once a day throughout the month, whether it’s for two minutes or twenty, and aim to raise £100 for dementia research.

Dancing a little each day, whether it’s ballroom, disco, or even dad, helps to keep your body moving, which is good for your heart, and good for your brain. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, take on a new challenge and get moving in the name of dementia research.

When you join our Facebook group, you’ll gain access to a community of other amazing fundraisers, plus exclusive content to help get you grooving, including dedicated Spotify playlists and dance tutorial videos.

Plus, you’ll receive a free sweatband when you join, and a dance tracker to help you record all of your disco moments throughout the challenge!

Simply follow these steps to join the Dance Every Day in September challenge:

  1. Join the Facebook group. Then introduce yourself! Why not kick off the conversation by telling people your favourite place to have a boogie, or which song always gets you moving?
  2. Follow the instructions in the pinned post to request your free exclusive sweatband and dance tracker.
  3. Follow the instructions in the pinned post to set up your fundraising page. Then share it with your friends and family on your Facebook page to shout about your challenge and aim to raise £100!

With every step you take, you’ll help fund major breakthroughs in research and give hope to those affected by dementia.