Take a look at what your amazing fundraising can pay for.

shopping list

£10 will buy slides for scientists to study 100 samples under the microscope.

£50 will help run our Dementia Research Infoline for two hours.

£125 will provide the tools for scientists to map 5,000 genes in minute detail.

£200 will pay for 500 test tubes, the lifeblood of effective dementia research.

£500 will cover the cost of a sensitive brain scan for a patient involved in a research study.

£2,500 will allow researchers to buy synthetically made amyloid, to better understand this hallmark Alzheimer’s protein in the lab.

£10,000 will pay for an advanced microscope to allow scientists to identify and track crucial proteins in brain samples.

£15,000 will support a PhD student for a year as they develop vital scientific skills.

£20,000 allows us to send the latest dementia information leaflets to every GP practice and library in the UK.

£40,000 could support one of Alzheimer’s Research UK’s 12 research centres of excellence.

£50,000 will fund an entire Pilot Project, the testing ground for the latest ideas in dementia research that lead to the breakthroughs of tomorrow.