Each year our raffles help to fund groundbreaking research to bring us closer to breakthroughs in dementia research.

Every single ticket is a winner – because each one bought is taking us one step closer to a life-changing treatment for dementia.

Spring Raffle 2020 – Winners

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to all those who took part in our Spring Raffle. Our next raffle will take place at Christmas. Full details available later in the year.

Loyalty Draw £250 Mrs Y Peacock Cambridgeshire
1 £3000 Mrs G Machin West Midlands
2 £750 Mrs J Smart Somerset
3 £250 Miss Brown Devon
4 £20 Voucher Mr D Clark South Humberside
5 £20 Voucher Mr T Maloney Suffolk
6 £20 Voucher Mrs V Smith Hertfordshire
7 £20 Voucher Mrs P Barber Somerset
8 £20 Voucher Mr G Ganna-Powell Oxfordshire
9 £20 Voucher Mrs H Gaskell North Yorkshire
10 £20 Voucher Mrs R Singh Middlesex
11 £20 Voucher M Putt Essex
12 £20 Voucher Mrs C Spence Hampshire
13 £20 Voucher Mr H Brown South Ayrshire
14 £20 Voucher Mr R Dart Orkney
15 £20 Voucher Mr T Sewell Northamptonshire
16 £20 Voucher Mrs S Roberts Merseyside
17 £20 Voucher Mrs J Reed Fife
18 £20 Voucher Mr P Colclough Cheshire
19 £20 Voucher Mrs M Simms Cheshire
20 £20 Voucher Mrs M Plunkett London Borough of Havering
21 £20 Voucher Ms S Bollom Swansea
22 £20 Voucher Mrs V Williams Wiltshire
23 £20 Voucher Mrs I Wroe County Durham