Whether you’ve already chosen your fundraising activity or looking for some inspiration, involving your workplace can be a powerful way to boost your fundraising efforts.

There are many ways you can get your workplace involved, here are just a few...

Match funding

Double your donations by asking your employer to match your fundraising. Every pound you raise, they donate a pound too.

Charity of the Year

You could nominate us for your company's Charity of the Year partnership. This is a fantastic way to get your colleagues involved in fundraising for a good cause.

Link your JustGiving page

If your company is an existing partner of Alzheimer’s Research UK, you can link up your JustGiving page to contribute towards your company's fundraising total.

Have a question about fundraising in your workplace?

Get in touch with our fundraising team who will be happy to help.

Looking for some inspiration?

Cheer squad

Head over to our fundraising and events hub to find a whole host of ideas and inspiration.

Tools, resources and materials

Bake sale

We have lots of downloadable resources such as posters, sweepstakes, and other tools and guidance that can help with workplace fundraising. As well as collection pots, buckets and other materials to help you host a successful fundraiser.