If nothing changes, one in two of us will have our lives devastated by dementia, either as a carer, by developing the condition ourselves, or both.


This General Election is our best chance to persuade new MPs and the next Prime Minister to change this outlook.

By taking action over the coming weeks, you can help make the next government – whoever it is – to take dementia seriously.


So on 4 July 2024, vote #ForACure


Find out all you need to know about Alzheimer’s Research UK priorities and how you can get involved below.

Read our manifesto

All political parties to must commit to sustained, bold and ambitious action to revolutionise the way dementia is prevented, diagnosed and treated.

Register to vote

Registering to vote is easy to do online, and will take you five minutes.

Get involved

Contact your candidates

Use our quick tool to identify your local candidates and personalise our template letter before clicking send. Tell them why dementia matters to you and ask them to outline their plans to address the condition during their campaign and in parliament should they be elected.
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Need a hand with your candidate letter?

Join our online writing party on 18 June to draft your letter to local candidates, connect with fellow campaigners and make your voice heard.

Limited spaces are available, so please register your interest by 16 June. See you there!

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Put up a poster

Print off our poster and stick it in a visible place to show canvassers and candidates that the time to act on dementia is now. For those of you who don't want to be disturbed, make sure you download our "Don't Knock" version, available in English and Welsh. We'd love to see how your posters look, so be sure to take a photo and post it on your socials, using #ForACure.
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Know your talking points

We’ve developed a short guide with everything you need to explain why dementia research and funding should be a priority this General Election. Have it handy when candidates and canvassers knock on your door or use it to start a discussion with your loved ones.

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Share on social media

Tell your friends and family to get involved and post our visual assets to support your efforts. You can also use your social platforms to interact with your local candidates. If you’re feeling up to it, you could write a post about your story or record a video of yourself telling your story and why that means dementia research is important to you. Just always remember to use our hashtag, #ForACure.

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Tell your family and friends