November 2023: £20 million announced to speed up development of dementia treatments

In the government’s Autumn Statement, £20 million in funding was announced to accelerate the development of new treatments for dementia. The initiative aims to take advantage of the UK’s strengths in data and digital sciences to increase the speed and quality of clinical trials, while also scoping out innovative new tools and approaches to clinical research in the NHS.

October 2023: Tackling inequalities in dementia risk

We launched a new report that highlights how health inequalities in the UK are damaging brain health, reducing life expectancy, and incurring significant costs to individuals and society. We shared our report with over 40 stakeholders, including parliamentarians, which resulted in several constructive meetings of support.

October 2023: Tipping Point goes on tour at Party Conferences

Our Public Affairs team headed to Conservative and Labour party conferences to make sure Tipping Point continued to make waves. Our Head of Policy, Dr Susan Mitchell, spoke at a fringe event about the importance of improving dementia diagnostics and our incredible supporter, Sheila, joined us at Labour conference.

September 2023: Launching our manifesto asks in parliament!

Ahead of the 2024 general election, we set out our manifesto calls in a new report – Tipping Point: The Future of Dementia. A whopping 1840 of you wrote to your MPs to tell them about it and encouraged them to attend our event. 138 MPs attended and 108 signed up as Dementia Research Champions, making it our most successful event in parliament so far!

May 2023: Nearly 900 campaigners take action for Dementia Action Week

Thanks to your efforts, during Dementia Action Week we met with 15 MPs and welcomed 12 MPs to our briefing event which explored how MPs can support the UK to prepare for the arrival of new dementia treatments.

In addition, our supporter Baroness Nicky Morgan penned a powerful piece in The Telegraph about the vital importance of new treatments and recognising the role of carers for people living with dementia.

March 2023 - Our Chief Executive, Hilary Evans, is appointed Co-Chair of national mission to tackle dementia

Government appointed two leaders to the helm of the Dame Barbara Windsor Dementia Mission – Hilary Evans and Prof Nadeem Sarwar. Hilary and Nadeem were selected to lead a group styled on the successful Covid Vaccine Taskforce – a model that was campaigned for by Alzheimer’s Research UK and our supporters last year. 

November 2022 – PM Sunak recommits to the Dementia Mission

Newly appointed PM, Rishi Sunak, recommits to the Dame Barbara Windsor Dementia Mission at the Government’s Life Sciences Council.

September 2022 - 59 MPs named Dementia Research Champions

With your amazing support during World Alzheimer’s Month, 59 MPs joined our annual Dementia Research Champions programme, committing to promoting greater participation in dementia research.

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock, and his sister Rachel, championed research participation in The Sunday Times.

September 2022 - Calls for PM Liz Truss to deliver on dementia commitments

More than 750 of you wrote to ask the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, to deliver on commitments made for dementia, including the establishment of the Dame Barbara Windsor Dementia Mission.

August 2022 – Government announces new Dementia Mission

The Government recommits to doubling dementia research funding to £160m a year by 2024, with an additional £95m ringfenced for a dementia taskforce - similar to the one that delivered COVID-19 vaccines - after sustained campaigning from Alzheimer’s Research UK and its supporters.

July 2022 – First Women’s Health Strategy for England sets welcomed ambition for dementia

Following the publication of our analysis, The Impact of Dementia on Women - which highlighted how women are disproportionately affected by dementia across their lives and what needs to change – we were delighted to see the Government’s commitment to improving the number of women participating in dementia research, and growing awareness of dementia risk factors that may help reduce the number of women living with dementia in the future.

April 2022 – Convening a Dementia Medicines Taskforce

In an open letter to the Prime Minister, we urged Government to convene a Dementia Medicines Taskforce to fast-track advances in research into a new wave of treatments for people living with dementia.

More than 1,000 of you invited your MP to our virtual parliamentary event, where we brought together representatives from Government, the pharmaceutical industry, scientists, and people affected by dementia, to consider how the prioritisation and urgent action taken to COVID-19 vaccines could be applied to dementia.

October 2021 - Funding boost for dementia in Life Sciences Vision and diagnostics

The government pledged to invest £95 million for the Life Sciences Vision and £2.3 billion for improving diagnostic capacity. The government confirms that part of this funding will go towards dementia

October 2021 - MPs urge Chancellor to double dementia research funding

Your actions meant over 100 cross-party MPs signed our letter to the Chancellor calling for him to honour the Dementia Moonshot in the autumn Spending Review.

September 2021 - Marking World Alzheimer’s Month in style

parliamentary eventWe welcomed over 120 MPs to our parliamentary event highlighting the importance of dementia research.

August 2021 – Putting the spotlight on dementia research

More than 1,000 of you invited your MP to our parliamentary event putting the spotlight on dementia research. The emails you sent covered nearly 75% of all constituencies in the UK.

July 2021 – Dementia features in Life Sciences Vision

There is encouraging news as the government announces dementia research as part of Life Sciences Vision.

June 2021 - Preparing for future treatments for dementia

We met with MPs to discuss potential future treatments for dementia and the need to prepare the NHS to deliver them.

June 2021 – Making your voices heard for dementia research

Our petition calling on the government to deliver the Dementia Moonshot secured more than 52,000 signatures. One of them belonging to Olive Munro, who sent a personal letter to the Prime Minister urging him to deliver on the government’s promise.

Your efforts also helped secure MPs’ support for the Dementia Moonshot. More than 100 cross-party MPs signed our pledge wall to support more funding for dementia research.

May 2021 – raising awareness in parliament

big ben

We briefed MPs to speak in a Parliamentary debate on dementia.  MPs questioned the Minister about the need to take action to help dementia research recover from the impact of the pandemic, improve dementia diagnosis, and get more people involved in research.

May 2021 – Policy reports and debates fill Dementia Action Week

We marked Dementia Action Week with the launch of three policy reports relating to delivering new treatments, dementia diagnosis and clinical trials.

Are we ready to deliver disease modifying treatments? Which looked at how we can make the UK a world leader in clinical trials.

The Right to Know: Accurate and Earlier Diagnosis of Dementia. This looked at how we can improve dementia diagnosis in the UK.

Translating Science into breakthroughs: the future of late-stage dementia clinical trials in the UK.

April 2021 - Preparing for the arrival of new treatments for dementia.

We submitted evidence to NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) to help ensure potential new treatments are assessed fairly to meet the needs of patients with dementia.

March 2021 - MPs pledged to look after their brain health

MPs pledged to look after their brain health by signing up to our Think Brain Health Wall.

February 2021 - MPs back our Brain Health report

You emailed MPs asking them to back our brain health report and to raise awareness of Brain Health amongst their own constituents.

January 2021 - Think Brain Health report launched

We met with MPs as we launched our Think Brain Health campaign. As part of the campaign, we published our Brain Health: A new way to think about dementia risk reduction report with the aim to empower people to keep their brains healthy and reduce their risk of dementia.

Jan 2020 - New report holds government to account on Dementia Moonshot pledge

We launch Delivering the Dementia Moonshot: A plan to find life-changing treatments. The report outlines six priority research areas that must receive investment if we are to find a life-changing treatment.

Nov 2019 - Election manifestos include dementia pledges

During the 2019 general election, Alzheimer’s Research UK calls on all political parties to increase dementia research funding to 1% of the total cost of dementia.

The Labour manifesto promises to improve access to future treatments for conditions like dementia, and the Conservative manifesto includes a pledge to double dementia research funding.

Jun 2019 - MPs raise awareness of dementia

Over a dozen MPs come together to hold a Backbench Business Debate to discuss dementia and ways to improve the lives of people living with the condition. The 90 minute session raises several important issues, including Alzheimer’s Research UK’s call for £320m to be put towards research. Four MPs champion the need for additional dementia research funding with two calling for just 1% in the debate.

May 2019 - Rachel Riley takes ‘Just 1%’ campaign to Number 10

Thanks to our incredible supporters, we elevate the call for government to fund more research than ever before! Countdown’s Rachel Riley joins Alzheimer’s Research UK and people impacted by dementia to present our incredible 35,000-strong petition to 10 Downing Street. The petition calls for dementia research funding to increase to 1% of the total cost of dementia.

Jan 2019 - NHS includes dementia in Long Term Plan

Dementia is included as a priority health area in the strategic plan for the NHS for the upcoming decade. It comes after Alzheimer’s Research UK brings together organisations from across the UK to publish an open letter to the Health Secretary. The letter asked leaders “to put dementia and the millions impacted by the condition at the heart of your priorities”.

Sep 2018 - 35,000 back Alzheimer’s Research UK call for ‘Just 1%’

Nearly 35,000 incredible supporters sign our petition asking the government to increase research spending to 1% of the overall cost of dementia. The number of signatures cause the government to acknowledge and respond to our call. The petition supports our action plan for government that outlines changes needed to improve the lives of people with dementia.

Sep 2018 - New plan outlines 5 actions for government

We launch our new action plan for government. The report outlines five areas to help improve the lives of people with dementia and bring about life-changing treatments. Our lead call to is to put 1% of the total cost of dementia towards research funding by 2025. Over 100 Campaigners write to their MPs – a huge success in raising awareness about how government can support dementia research.

Jun 2018 - NHS Health Check to include brain health information

Following a 2016 pilot study, dementia prevention messaging is included in NHS Health Check for people over 40. The new Health Check will include dementia risk reduction information for people in mid-life - an important window for addressing brain health.

May 2018 - MPs heed cry to back dementia research

Our Campaigners help drive support for an Early Day Motion during Dementia Action Week, recognising the impact of dementia and our mission to bring about the first life-changing treatment by 2025. A total of 34 MPs across six political parties sign the Early Day Motion, helping us understand who can champion our cause in parliament.

May 2018 - PM supports revolutionary early diagnosis effort

Prime Minister Theresa May outlines a new early diagnosis of disease project within the Grand Challenge on Artificial Intelligence in the Industrial Strategy and mentions dementia as part of this work. This announcement aligns with work Alzheimer’s Research UK is doing to change the way we detect the diseases that cause dementia.

Jul 2017 - 1,000th Campaigner joins Alzheimer’s Research UK

Alzheimer’s Research UK calls for help promoting dementia research during the snap general election and the number of people helping us campaign soars! Thanks to you, we now have more people calling for support in government than ever before.

May 2017 - Tory manifesto includes dementia pledge

In the midst of a snap general election, the Conservatives’ election manifesto includes a commitment to invest in dementia research. Alzheimer’s Research UK calls on other political parties to make similar commitments to ensure efforts to power breakthroughs in dementia research remain a priority in the next parliament.

Mar 2017 - Report shows number of dementia researchers has doubled

Following a boost in research investment in 2010, the number of neurodegeneration researchers in the UK doubles between 2008/9 and 2014/15. This also results in a doubling of the number of research publications, increasing our understanding of the diseases that cause dementia.

Jan 2017 - Alzheimer’s Research UK hosts roundtable to learn from drug failure

In the wake of the disappointing halt of clinical trials into Alzheimer’s drug solanezumab, Alzheimer’s Research UK brings together leading international researchers, including those who worked on the drug, to discuss learnings from the trials. This was the first time that detailed data from the trial was presented to the scientific community, and the discussions are now being used to help shape future research efforts.

May 2016 - Alzheimer’s Research UK joins government to fund groundbreaking research effort

Alzheimer’s Research UK commits £50m to the UK Dementia Research Institute, which is led by a government investment of £150m. The initiative demonstrates a strong commitment to dementia research and is the largest joint effort in the UK supporting dementia research uniting Medical Research Council, Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Oct 2015 - Dementia is made a ‘test case’ for treatment evaluations

Following campaigns from Alzheimer’s Research UK, the new Accelerated Access Review names dementia as a ‘test case’ in evaluating new medicines made available on the NHS. The review considers how to speed up access to new drugs, medical technology and diagnostic tools.

Oct 2015 - New dementia research fund is announced

Alzheimer’s Research UK joins with the UK Department of Health and major pharmaceutical companies to invest in a global fund to develop new treatment approaches. The Dementia Discovery Fund focuses on exploring new ideas in dementia research, as well as stimulating further global investment in research into the condition.

Apr 2015 - Challenge on Dementia is renewed

Following the publication of Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Manifesto 2015-2020, which lays out steps needed to achieve the goal of bringing about a life-changing treatment by 2025, the coalition government sets out plans for its second Challenge on Dementia. This includes a commitment to investing £300m in dementia research over five years.

Mar 2015 - Report reveals dementia hits women hardest

Alzheimer’s Research UK publishes “Women and Dementia: A marginalised majority”, a groundbreaking report that looks at how dementia impacts women. This insightful report stimulates conversation around the world and is referenced by organisations including the Global Alliance for Women’s Brain Health.

Jun 2014 - Prime Minister welcomes research goal at G8 event

Following ambitions set at the G8 Dementia Summit, Alzheimer’s Research UK pledges to raise £100m for dementia research. Among the projects funded is a pioneering UK Stem Cell Research Centre to enable collaboration between researchers at University of Cambridge and University College London. Prime Minister David Cameron announces this campaign in his speech at a legacy event of the G8 Dementia Summit.