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The Dementia Consortium will provide funding, resources and expertise to both increase the number of, and capitalise upon, new drug targets emerging from across the academic sector that hold promise of bringing patient benefit.

The duration and amount will be determined at full application stage. We anticipate typical projects to be up to two years in duration and cost £100,000-£250,000. There is a notional limit of £500,000 for exceptional cases.

The Dementia Consortium is a private-charity partnership between Alzheimer’s Research UK, the pharmaceutical companies Abbvie, Astex Pharmaceuticals, Eisai, Johnson & Johnson, Lilly and MSD and the partner research organisations Charles River Laboratories and Evotec.

For target validation and drug discovery projects, please apply via the Dementia Consortium.

Applications are acceptable from applicants based at established research institutions worldwide.

The Lead Applicant is expected to have a contract (fixed term or tenure) which covers the proposed duration of the grant. Alzheimer's Research UK can contribute to salaries of co-applicants that do not have tenure or fixed term contracts but not to Lead Applicant salaries.

If the Lead Applicant does not hold a tenure appointment, the application must include a co-applicant that does.

See our Eligibility Guidelines for further information.

There are regular deadlines for Expressions of Interest. Please see for more information and to request an Expression of Interest form.

For further information before submitting your application or to get in touch for an informal discussion please email us at: [email protected].

Applications are made via our grant application website.

The progression of each application is assessed by the Dementia Consortium partners and all full applications are subjected to external peer review. Applications are sent to researchers in the UK and worldwide who specialise in the area of the application, but who do not have a conflict of interest.

The terms and conditions of grant differ for each grant scheme and contracts are drawn up individually once the grants have been awarded.


Dementia Consortium projects are monitored regularly by Evotec and Alzheimer’s Research UK.

For more information about any of the grant schemes or the application process please contact the Research Team [email protected] or 0300 111 5555

All applications submitted to Alzheimer’s Research UK are subject to the policies found in Research guidelines and policies. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with these policies and contact [email protected] with any queries.