Your free guide to making or updating your Will

Our guide to making your Will is designed to give you more information about making or changing your Will.

We all know it’s important to have a Will and keep it up to date. An up-to-date Will gives you peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out and your family and friends will be looked after long into the future. It also allows you to leave a legacy to charity, if you wish.

This guide explains what’s involved in making or updating a Will, as well as highlighting things to consider if you or a loved one has dementia. And if you believe, like we do, that research will defeat dementia – you can find everything you need to know about supporting Alzheimer’s Research UK with a gift in your Will.

“Why I left a gift to Alzheimer’s Research UK”

When Kim’s mother-in-law, June, passed away with Alzheimer’s disease, she and her husband decided it was time to update their Will. Not only could they relax knowing their affairs were in order, they were also satisfied knowing they will be offering hope to future generations of a world free from the heartbreak of dementia.

“With my own mother Anita in late stages of vascular dementia and currently living at home in end of life care, we have been dramatically affected by this unforgiving condition that robs families of their loved ones in the cruellest of ways,” Kim explained.

“Alzheimer’s Research UK is such an important charity to support. It is only with financial help from our generation that any in-roads into finding any form of cure may be found. If we can help fund the vital research needed to end the misery of dementia for our children’s children, then I feel we have done our bit.”

A gift in your Will is a gift to the future, helping protect your children, grandchildren, and future generations from the fear and heartbreak of dementia. These gifts are vital to Alzheimer’s Research UK, as they fund one in three of our groundbreaking research projects into treatments, prevention and a cure for dementia.