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Bake sale. Dinner party. Sky dive. Bike ride. Raffle. Car wash. Hopping. Skipping. Jumping. Bog snorkelling. Juggling. Silence. Quizzing. Glitter beard. Karaoke. Night out. Night in. Staying awake. Sponsored sleep. Staring. Blinking. Swimming. Fancy dress. Body-popping. It’s up to you.

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Not-so hidden talent.

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that the personal touch goes a long way. That’s why Amanda Cross’s handmade cards have been such a hit with her friends, family and colleagues.

Amanda has created a range of beautiful designs for her cards, and has even found time to hold a stall, selling her wares, at the supermarket she works for. The result? She’s raised over £400 for dementia research. Amazing!

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Do it for research.

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Serious fun = serious fundraising for dementia.

  • £10 buys 100 invaluable microscope slides.
  • £50 helps pay for a sensitive brain scan.
  • £100 helps bring life-changing breakthroughs closer.

Every pound you raise will make a big difference – so let’s get out there and have fun.

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