Baking for research? Let's turn up the heat.

Baking cakes, to medical breakthroughs! Who knew one could lead to the other!

Whether you host a bake-away sale, organise a virtual cook-along, or challenge your loved ones to a Battle of the Bakes, your baking skills can help fund the next big breakthrough in dementia research.

Your free fundraising pack has an exclusive shortbread recipe from star baker Candice Brown, plus everything you need to get inspired and start planning your fundraising. Get your pack today!

Here are some fundraising ideas…

  • Get planning. Is it just you baking? Or will you ask friends, and will it be competitive?
  • Get it in the diary. Will you need to set up a virtual event? Will you offer a ‘bake-away’ from your front door?
  • Get noticed. Shout about it on social media. Bake weird and wonderful recipes. Go big on the icing. Be different. Be you.
  • Get going. But maybe have a few practices before the big day. No soggy bottoms!

Our beach hut’s open for coffee and cakes.

Friends Joy Reeves, 72, and Karen Kenny, 70, owners of the 2017 national Beach Hut of the Year, opened their doors to Felixstowe beach walkers in the winters of 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

The pals served warming drinks for beachgoers, swimmers and dog-walkers enjoying a morning stroll, along with a variety of delicious homemade cakes.

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Do it for research.

"I chose to host a bake sale in my office, it was a great success and raised over £100. Even if it doesn’t look how you hoped, cake brings everyone together!"


Audrey, baker

Why it's important. Why it's fun.

Serious fun = serious fundraising for dementia.

  • £10 buys 100 invaluable microscope slides.
  • £50 helps pay for a sensitive brain scan.
  • £100 helps bring life-changing breakthroughs closer.

Every pound you raise will make a big difference – so let’s get out there and have fun.

Your fundraising questions answered.