Scientific Programme

The 2019 Conference has an exciting line-up of speakers and covers a wide range of topics.

Day 1: Tuesday 19 March 2019
SESSION 1: Welcomes
9:30am Network Centre Welcome
9:40am Alzheimer’s Research UK Welcome
9:55am Personal perspective
SESSION 2: Keynote lecture
10:15am TBC Prof Philip Scheltens VU University Amsterdam
11:00am Refreshments and Posters
SESSION 3: Benefits and challenges of early diagnosis
11:30am Panel discussion Prof Philip Scheltens VU University Amsterdam
Dr Dennis Chan University of Cambridge
Other panelists to be confirmed
12:45pm Lunch and posters
SESSION 4: Neuroinflammation
14:30pm TBC Prof Hugh Perry University of Southampton
14:50pm TBC Prof Paul Morgan Cardiff University
15:10pm TBC Prof Maria Grazia Spillantini University of Cambridge
15:30pm Invited oral abstract TBC
15:45pm Refreshments and posters
SESSION 5: Dementia with Lewy bodies
16:15pm TBC Prof John O’Brien Universty of Cambridge
16:35pm TBC Prof Tiago Outeiro Newcastle University
16:55pm TBC Dr Rimona Weil University College London
17:15pm Invited oral abstract TBC
17:30pm Evening poster session