Newcastle Network Centre

The Network is designed to support dementia research through the funding of collaborative science and networking to share findings and resources.

Through the Network Centre, there are opportunities for pump-priming funds, equipment grants and travel awards.

Applications will open in the 2017/18 academic year.

There is an open call for travel awards.

You can download pro-forma for applications here, and these should be submitted to the Network Administrator.

Network members are also eligible for exclusive Alzheimer’s Research UK grants.

Our peer review process

All applications for funds are reviewed by the Organising Committee, with conflicts of interest appropriately managed.

Currently funded projects

In our most recent call for applications, we funded the following projects:

Title of award Type PI Collaborators Amount
Deconvolution of natural products for optimizing dementia therapy Pump Priming Dr Paul Chazot (Durham University) Melanie J Howes, Royal Botanic Gardens , Kew £5,000
Does treatment of an AD mouse model with 2 telomerase activators improve brain function Pump priming Dr Gabriele Saretski (Newcastle) £5,000
Updating the neuropathological criteria for Lewy Body disease Pump Priming Prof J Attems (Newcastle University) John Toledo, Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research £5,000