King's College London Network Centre

The Network is designed to support dementia research through the funding of collaborative science and networking to share findings and resources.

Through the Network Centre, there are opportunities for pump-priming funds, equipment grants and travel awards.

Download the application forms here:

We will list deadlines for these funding calls on this page when they become available.

Please submit forms to the Network Administrator or Coordinator.

Network members are also eligible for exclusive Alzheimer’s Research UK grants.

Our peer review process

All applications for funds are reviewed by the Organising Committee, with conflicts of interest appropriately managed.

Recently funded projects

In our most recent call for applications, we funded the following projects:

Title of award Type PI (all KCL)
Collaborators Amount
Study of ultrastructural
synaptic changes in the
Tau35 mouse model of
tauopathy with electron
Pump priming Despoina Goniotaki Roland Fleck £,4811
Karyopherin abnormalities
in Dementia with Lewy
Pump priming Frank Hirth Dag Aarsland &
Tibor Hortobagyi
Deep proteomic
characterization of the
astrocyte secretome in
Alzheimer’s disease
Pump priming Maria Jimenez-Sanchez Beatriz Gomez
Perez-Nievas &
Petroula Proitsi
Investigation of the
relationship between
CSP-alpha and αSyn in
Parkinson’s disease
Pump priming Huzefa Rupawala Cindy Pang £4,960
Synaptic biomarkers in
Down’s Syndrome with
Dementia; a comparison
with Alzheimer’s disease
Pump priming Andre Strydom Nicholas Ashton £4,950
Investigating the role of
exosomes in dementia
Pump priming Agnes Nishimura Natalia Arias del
Castillo & Aurelio
Vazquez de la
Torre Cervera
Study of circadian clock
changes in the Tau35
mouse model of
Pump priming Despoina Goniotaki Lauren Strother £4,986