Imperial College London Network Centre

The Network is designed to support dementia research through the funding of collaborative science and networking to share findings and resources.

Through the Network Centre, there are opportunities for pump-priming funds, equipment grants and travel awards.

Download the application forms here:

Network members are also eligible for exclusive Alzheimer’s Research UK grants.

Our peer review process

All applications for funds are reviewed by the Organising Committee, with conflicts of interest appropriately managed.

Recently funded projects

In our most recent call for applications, we funded the following projects:

Title of award Type PI (all ICL) Collaborators Amount
Antibody delivery to Alzheimer’s disease by ultrasound Pump priming James Choi Robert Perneczky, Stafford Lightman, Magdalena Sastre, Lefkos Middleton £5,000
Characterising the neurophysiological profile of apathy in Alzheimer’s Disease during a reward task Pump priming Paresh Malhotra Koldo Callado, Steve Gentleman, Jesus Garcia-Sevilla £2,151.10
Biomarker-based personalised risk prediction for postoperative cognitive decline Pump priming Robert Perneczky David Klug, Keith Willison, Thomas Knopfel £5,000
Evaluation of the spatial-temporal distribution of self-interacting tau in human post-mortem brain. Pump priming Javier Alegre- Abarrategui Jackie de Belleroche, Magdalena Sastre, Christopher Sibley £5,000
Novel method of evaluation of early cognitive impairment Pump priming Paul Edison Trudi Edginton £4,986.50
Chemogenetic modulation of glia in Alzheimer’s Disease Pump priming Nicholas Mazarakis David Owen, Steve Gentleman, David Dexter £2,500
Autoradiography imaging plates for Characterizing the imidazoline type 2 receptor tracer BU99008 as novel biomarker of glia activation Equipment Cornelius Donat David Nutt, Paul Matthews, Paul Edison, Magdalena Sastre, Steve Gentleman £4000