The grants review process

Grant application undergo a rigorous review process and are awarded on the basis of scientific merit in relation to Alzheimer's Research UK’s remit, suitability for the scheme applied for, and open competition.

The Dementia Consortium aims to expedite the development of new drugs for dementia by supporting research into novel targets for neurodegeneration. The progression of each application is assessed by the Dementia Consortium partners and by a panel of drug discovery experts associated with the MRCT Centre for Therapeutics Discovery.

  • MRCT representation: Dr Justin Bryans, Director; Dr Katy Kettleborough, Associate Director, Biology; Dr David Matthews, Associate Director, BioTherapeutics; Dr Andy Merritt, Associate Director, Chemistry
  • Astex representation
  • Abbvie represention: Dr Eric Karran, Vice President
  • Lilly representation: Dr Mike Hutton, Eli Lilly – Chief Scientific Officer for neurodegenerative diseases
  • Eisai representation: Dr Andrew Takle, Director, Open Innovation
  • MSD: Dr Joel Schachter, Franchise Collaboration Lead for Neuroscience
  • Alzheimer’s Research UK representation: Dr David Reynolds, Chief Scientific Officer and Professor Stuart Pickering Brown, University of Manchester