Measuring impact

We monitor the progress and impact of the research that we fund in a number of ways.


Grant holders report on the progress and outcomes of their grants using Researchfish, an online survey database developed from MRC e-Val. This system is common to all Research Councils and many charitable funders. Researchfish allows grant holders to provide information on a range of topics:

  • publications
  • collaborations and partnerships
  • further funding
  • next destination and skills
  • engagement activities
  • influence on policy, practice, patients and the public
  • research tools and methods
  • research databases and models
  • intellectual property and licensing
  • medical products, interventions and clinical trials
  • spin-outs
  • awards and recognition.

Annual reports

Grant holders are required to answer specific questions about the progress of Alzheimer’s Research UK-funded work. These questions can be found on Researchfish, under the section ‘Additional questions’. For example, we are interested to know whether the initial aims have been achieved or if grant holders have experienced any difficulties.


We also keep on top of new findings by reading scientific articles published by our grant holders. We use the Thomson Reuters Web of Science database to determine which dementia-related publications have cited Alzheimer’s Research UK and other organisations as sources of funding. An analysis of 2013 publications is summarised in the graphs below.

The information collected via Researchfish and Web of Science is analysed by Alzheimer’s Research UK. We use it to report back to our donors and fundraisers and to assess how our research portfolio is improving the understanding of dementia and the lives of people affected by it. This is essential for us to be able to raise more funds for dementia research.


measuring-impact-2Alzheimer's Research UK impact graph

How to use Researchfish

The principal grant holder will receive an invitation email with instructions on how to register and a specific link. If you already have a Researchfish account, you will still need to follow the specific link in order for the new grants to appear on your portfolio.

The annual report form will be located as a compulsory section within Researchfish. We also require that you enter information which directly arises from your Alzheimer’s Research UK grant(s) into distinct sections in your portfolio, such as Publications, Collaborations, Further Funding, etc. We appreciate not all sections will be relevant for your work, so please report on as many sections as you feel are applicable to you.

You will be able to nominate one or more members of your team or delegates who can enter data on your behalf.

Please note that grant holders of Scientific Conference Grants and Network Centre grants will not be required to report through Researchfish.

When to submit

We will send a reminder to submit your Alzheimer’s Research UK report in one of two annual submission periods. These are usually in April-May and October-November. You can, however, enter, amend and update information in your portfolio at any time throughout the year.

For queries please contact the Researchfish support team at or