Dementia Uncovered

Dementia, the brain, and the promise of research

Many people don't realise that dementia is caused by brain diseases. Alzheimer's Research UK believes we shouldn't accept that dementia is an inevitability of later life.

We've teamed up with actor Simon Pegg and Ricoh to help visualise the impact of Alzheimer's on the brain, and to look forward to where our research ambitions could lead us next.

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More about the campaign

Why have ARUK and Ricoh teamed up for this campaign? Read more from the team and from a special supporter whose family is currently coping with dementia.

Read Amanda's Story The Story of the Campaign

We can bring about life-changing treatments for the diseases which cause dementia, but we need your help to fund our vital research. The more people that support our work, the quicker we can do it.