Alzheimer's Research UK has funded more than £4.5 million of pioneering research to advance our understanding of vascular dementia.

People with and without dementia, as well as carers, have a vital role to play in helping scientists understand more about diseases like vascular dementia, and to test new treatments, therapies and methods of diagnosis.

You can register to find out which research studies you may be suitable to take part in via Join Dementia Research.

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If you have been diagnosed with vascular dementia and would like to share your story to inspire others, or to help shape our work please get in touch via

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I have six grandchildren and I hope that in their lifetimes dementia will become something that people no longer need to worry about. But this will not happen without support for research.

- Olive, who lives with vascular dementia

Alzheimer’s Research UK have funded over 69 vascular dementia research projects, including studies to investigate how blood vessels can become damaged in the brain and how this damage causes the symptoms seen in vascular dementia. Our scientists are also working to develop new ways of preventing and diagnosing vascular dementia. You can read more about recent projects we’ve funded below.

With your support, we will fund many more studies into vascular dementia. We promise we will not stop until dementia can no longer destroy lives.

We are Alzheimer's Research UK.

We exist for a cure.

What is vascular dementia?

This booklet aims to help you understand more about vascular dementia. It gives an overview of the causes, symptoms and treatments.

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Research projects

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