People diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and other types of dementia can take part in research studies.

People with and without dementia, as well as carers, have a vital role to play in helping scientists understand more about diseases like frontotemporal dementia, and to test new treatments, therapies and methods of diagnosis.

You can register to find out which research studies you may be suitable to take part in via Join Dementia Research.

You can also register your interest and find out more about what might be involved in a research study by clicking the button below.

Alzheimer’s Research UK has funded over £65 million of research into the development of new treatments for dementia and is leading the search for a cure.

We are at a tipping point in dementia research where finding a treatment that can stop diseases like Alzheimer’s is closer than ever before.

Bringing together expertise from across the UK and joining forces with pharmaceutical industries is important to achieve this. Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Drug Discovery Alliance (DDA) unites institutes in Cambridge, Oxford and London (UCL) to bring together discoveries by researchers in universities and drug development by pharmaceutical companies.

You can find out more about the research we are funding in this area.

Alison Littleford

Cancer research has had a lot of funding over a long period of time and has achieved results, as shown by Frank's treatments after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. We want to see the same progress achieved in dementia research.

- Alison, whose husband Frank is living with Alzheimer's

With your support, we will continue to fund many more studies into the treatment of dementia. We promise we will not stop until dementia can no longer destroy lives.
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