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Hopeful things are happening, thanks to you.

With your support, Alzheimer’s Research UK is getting closer than ever to life-changing treatments for dementia.

Our researchers are working tirelessly to generate new ideas, and turn exciting discoveries into life-changing breakthroughs. These investigations help to deepen our understanding of the diseases that cause dementia and ultimately, will help us to find ways to slow or stop them altogether.

Below, you can read our latest issue of think research. Here you'll find plenty of examples of how pioneering research is helping discover new avenues for potential treatments – from a brand new proposal for a Dementia Medicines Taskforce and our annual Research Conference held in person for the first time in three years, to the 15 exciting new studies we’ve funded so far this year.

think research summer issue

Brand new studies

Thanks to your support, our Grant Review Board has been able to recommend 15 brand new studies, any one of which could lead to the next exciting breakthrough.

Thanks to you, there’s so much progress to be proud of right now. And our research will continue, for everyone affected by dementia.